Manual 1 Archive

Manual 1 is used in the years 2009, 2012, 2015, etc. 

In the list below, the lesson title takes you to the lesson manual at The links following each title go to our blog posts and/or additional resources for that lesson. You can also access the whole manual here on Make sure you know about the updated sidebars - each lesson at now includes the info from the Resource Guide. (There are additional and up-to-date discussion questions, media, talks, scriptures, etc.!)

Manual Introductions
-post 12/17/11 (order of lessons is up to you!)
-post 9/27/11 (teach by the Spirit and with scripture)

Living as a Daughter of God

Fulfilling Women's Divine Roles

Contributing to Family Life

Learning About the Priesthood

Learning About Family History and Temple Work 
17: The Purpose of Covenants and Ordinances - post (4/29/09), post 4/28/12
18: Temple Marriage--Requirement for Eternal Family Life - post (5/3/09), post 5/8/12
**Teaching about the whole Temple (Initiatory, Endowment, and Sealing) - post 5/8/12

Being Involved in Missionary Work

Increasing in Spirituality

Living a Virtuous Life (see Teacher's Note)

Maintaining Physical Health

Developing Socially and Emotionally

Managing Personal Resources

Developing Leadership Skills