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Beginnings New is a lively and practical forum for YW leaders to talk about everything related to their calling to minister to the young women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - although this is not an official site of the Church. We've redefined "lesson helps" away from clip art or sappy poems. We cast a thoughtful eye on materials and programs and how they get implemented. We look for ways to inspire, challenge, nurture and transform the young women in our care to greater discipleship. And we want to be part of the solution, hence this online space for wide-ranging, honest conversation.

Each lesson has its own post & thread to help leaders in their preparation and to talk about what worked in your own classes. We address issues and concerns unique to YW leaders. We also jam about general topics and issues related to mentoring young people today. Want to join the team? Just let us know. We are:

Lifelong member and former YW, served as a Laurels advisor for 3 years while starting this blog. Wife, parent of 3 teens in YW/YM and 1 currently serving an LDS mission. College professor teaching US History, world traveler and all-around busy gal. You can email her at bnjeans (at) gmail (dot) com

reese dixon
Teenage convert now paying back through perpetual Young Women's service. Domestic goddess, feminist, devoted mom of a special-needs child, grossly in-love wife, and crazy cat lady. She blogs here.

She's the newest addition to BN & is loving every minute of it. After reading Ranciere's book The Ignorant Schoolmaster, she decided to homeschool and study teaching in the church. Since she has four little kids at home, she likes to blame all her posts' failings on the fact that she's usually being talked to, poked, or trying to get breakfast ready while she writes. You can read more about her here.

Sharon "dieMutti" (German for "the mother") blogs for us about Church media, especially what gets posted on youth.lds.org. She's a former YW president and currently a Seminary teacher and can't seem to get out of a youth calling in her ward, for which we're very grateful. She is a big fan of using new media in the Church classroom. 
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