Saturday, January 26, 2013

Come and share your thoughts

Those of us who have been writing for this blog for the past few years have all felt called elsewhere, but I feel like I can't just leave the blog alone when we have a community built up and comments still coming in. So, for now, please take the blog as your own and leave comments galore so that we can still have conversations going on between thoughtful YW leaders across the globe -

- And, I'll make sure that we don't forget the comments already made on the using the curriculum by linking to the last post, which had 13 comments:

So here's an open post, talk about anything connected to the curriculum or any other question or comment you have for other YW leaders:

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  1. This blog has been such a great resource for YW leaders. Thank you! And now I have a question: Does anybody have ideas for alternative personal progress value experiences/projects. I'm trying to help my laurels brainstorm some new and interesting experiences and would love recommendations from this crowd. Thanks!


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