Sunday, October 21, 2012

Training Video for the New Curriculum: Determine What to Teach

I'm starting to explore the material on about the new curriculum. I think these videos will ideally be used to train teachers and leaders before the new year starts.

This one is about how to choose what to teach. What are your thoughts on the video?


  1. I liked the video. When I saw the news about the new curriculum it was very exciting, and an answer to prayers. I think that this format will take some getting used to, but I am very happy for the change. It is much needed!

  2. I like it too. I think it's interesting that they have a youth talking to the adults. I hope this will open up our thinking to see the youth as equal to us in ability to think, read, and feel the Spirit. Those have been my favorite lesson experiences - where the youth and I are studying a passage of scripture or a talk and we're relying on the text to teach us together, not for me to relay the information to them as if were the authority. :) So I think it's interesting to have a youth narrating the video. Potentially a very effective move.

  3. The youth narration represents a shift in thinking from the teacher to the learner. I love the idea of consulting with others, especially with the youth, about lesson topics. (Ask the youth? So novel yet so obvious!) I believe we have, as youth leaders, looked "beyond the mark" for so long that the transition to complete reliance on personal revelation may be a challenge. My hope is that with this transition we can remove the crutch of extraneous fluff that has become a staple of our lessons, activities, and camp. Coupled with the recent missionary age change, this curriculum change underscores responsibility we have to engage our young women more fully in the pursuit of testimony and gospel learning.

  4. I am thrilled about the direction the new curriculum is headed. I have been relying heavily on the posts and archives of this blog as I serve as a laurel advisor, because our young women were nowhere to be found in the stories and examples provided in the old manuals. And I think (hope) that this new strategy will allow leaders to reclaim the authority we hold as women set apart to serve the young women to be personally guided by the spirit on their behalf rather than relying so heavily on manuals and approvals. This new method is really requiring that we step up our game and reconsider how, what, and who we teach. I've recommended this video (and blog) to all youth leaders in my ward, and we will be starting a regular counsel in January with all youth leaders and their parents to explore what our youth need and how we can better serve them. Yay!
    And thank you thank you thank you for this blog. It has a tremendous resource for me this past year as I serve in YW. The work you ladies do here is truly inspiring!


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