Friday, July 13, 2012

Youth Media - Pure and Simple Faith

Happy summer!  Today I'm posting the newest video from  It is called "Pure and Simple Faith" and highlights an experience one young woman had in receiving answers to prayer.

Among the videos from/about the leaders of the Church, I love that they also include experiences from regular youth.  Maybe the young women can't relate to her specific situation, but they can relate to the process she uses to get answers and the beautiful faith she (and her mother!) exhibit.  This particular story, I think, can also help the youth appreciate the blessings they receive every day.  Even for me, trying to decide whether or not to buy a Nintendo DS for my daughter's birthday seems so trivial after watching what this family is up against on probably a regular basis.  I like it.

On a side note, as I was watching this, I was thinking about the many many prayers of the youth that probably seem to them to go unanswered.  I wonder if the Church could put together a video with a young man or young woman talking about an unanswered prayer and how they keep faith even when those prayers seem to go unheard.  Stories in the New Era and Ensign about how Heavenly Father has answered prayers and blessed them are wonderful, and they build my faith, but I think stories of those who press on in trials even without seeing any immediate blessings or answers may be the ones that strengthen my resolve and my faith even more.  Does that even make sense?  I need to go back and look at more videos to see if they have already done one like that.

Anyway, what a sweet girl and a beautiful story and a well-done video.  Your reaction and comments? What kind of lesson/activity would benefit from showing this video?


  1. I totally agree with your idea of featuring how youth work through hard times. Often I feel like we hear the stories of, "and he decided not to play on Sunday and his elite sports team won anyway!" And everyone has warm fuzzies - I think we need to be telling the other side of the story. The times when the youth choose a good decision but the outcome isn't as rosy. When you don't play on Sunday but your team loses and then your teammates are angry with you and treat you badly. How do you stay strong during that? I like to focus on that aspect with the youth because I feel like that is what this life is all about. Have a good foundation, making good decisions even when it's hard and working through them.

  2. There's another lovely video on about a girl whose prayers weren't answered right away, in fact not for what felt to her like a very long time. It's all in Spanish, too - with English subtitles, which I really liked. "Heavenly Father Knows Me"


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