Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Youth Media - Dare to Stand Alone

So today I wanted to share the newest youth.lds.org video (these can also be found on YouTube under "MormonMessagesYouth").  It is called "Dare to Stand Alone" and features a story about President Thomas S. Monson.  I have included the video in the post this time, so take a quick peek and then let's talk about it!

What are your thoughts?  I was very impressed at this video.  In fact, even when I feel the spirit through these media messages (which is often), I don't usually get emotional.  That isn't really me.  But as I watched this video, I couldn't help but tear up as young President Monson realized he wasn't actually alone.

I found this very appropriate for our sweet youth - I liked the various scenes and how the young men and young women appeared to be alone as they took a stand for what was right.  I always appreciate the attempt to use multiple cultures/languages to remind us that ours truly is a worldwide church.  These youth dared to stand up, and they did it alone, just like President Monson during navy boot camp.  It wasn't until after they dared to stand up for their beliefs and moral code that many were joined by others and were not alone!  I liked the implications for our youth about sticking together and supporting each other.

The truth is, we aren't always joined by others when we take that step to stand for the right.  As the young man at the end of the video ended up still standing alone, I loved the final words from President Monson - "we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven."  I feel the power and strength from this message!


  1. absolutely LOVE this. this is what i have been trying to teach the young women and what i've been talking about off and on on my blog. these are the stories that we need to tell - that sometimes, we make the right decision but we don't have anyone standing with us. that is when we fight the hardest battles. when we stand alone in the face of our peers but with the deeper knowledge that we do not stand alone to Him.

  2. I really liked the video. I was going to show it to my Teachers Quorum (I teach the YM, I hope that's OK here), but we ran out of time.

    I really like how the church is taking these stories and adding a legitimate sense of realism to them. Not that the videos need to be Oscar-worthy, but a minority of the youth will actually experience boot camp the way Pres. Monson describes it. By it through the video, it makes it seem like a real story, instead of a few funny one-liners from the prophet.

    I think the youth interactions for the "stand alone" part were very well done, especially showing the boys with the cell phone. The small details like showing youth in normal clothing, incorporating technology and quality video production have really been a huge benefit, and I notice my boys actually watching the videos instead of goofing off with each other.

  3. I love this the first time I wached it was a girls camp


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