Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Youth Media - Things as They Really Are

It's time for another media review!  This time I wanted to share one of my favorites, one I have used in my seminary class recently, and one I find to be very pertinent to today's youth (and adults as well!).  The video is called Things as They Really Are.  In a nutshell, the video depicts different youth and their use of media while we hear excerpts from a talk by Elder Bednar.  The talk was given at a CES Fireside in May 2009.

This video clip. is. awesome!  The situations are portrayed realistically showing the way overusing technology can result in a loss of focus, distance us from those we love, allow us to be consumed by a virtual reality, and be a waste of our valuable time.  A young man plays a violent video game and ignores his family; a young woman is on her cell phone in church and in seminary, and they are plugged in to headphones while around others on the bus.  BUT it also shows the same youth using technology in helpful and productive ways, and what happens when these youth turn off the media and focus on others instead.  This already powerful video ends with Elder Bednar's testimony.

I love this clip because it is so relevant!  At times, I am definitely just as guilty as my sweet seminary students in being so involved in my email, blogs, work, and social media that I miss out on creating special moments with those I love or give room to the spirit to inspire me to help and serve those who are in need.  And yet, many of the youth of today and those who will follow don't even KNOW life without all of these technological opportunities - entertainment and connections available instantly pretty much everywhere!  I appreciate Elder Bednar's warnings and the two questions he poses as tools to help these youth decipher healthy/unhealthy technology use.

I used this clip in seminary as we were discussing false idols while studying Isaiah.  We often think of not worshipping false idols as one of the "easy" commandments, but when we think about what things have become our idols in today's world, we still have to watch ourselves!  The youth responded really favorably to it!  One of the girls even said, "Oh, this is my favorite!" when I started playing it because she had already seen it and appreciated the message.

Great resource, great choice of topic, well done video.  What do you think?

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  1. Our ward just used this video in a combined adult meeting on social media. I think what I liked best about the video was that it didn't see social media as "the big bad enemy" but that it presents us with the same choice we always have: are we consecrating ourselves to God? I think I would put it in terms of good, better, best. Listening to music or playing games with friends might be a good thing, but we have to be honest with ourselves to know whether this is distracting ourselves from our higher goals.

    So I really liked how the youth was only playing angry birds in sacrament meeting - nothing "evil" - but it showed how she was missing out on something better. And even though the video could have focused on the violent nature of the video game the boy was playing, it actually instead focused in the end on how it was affecting his friendship with his sister. I loved the look on his face when he realized what he was doing, and then the next scene shows him in her bedroom reading her a story. How sweet! I liked that it showed that our youth have good hearts and desires. Perhaps what we need to do more than anything else is just remind them to think about what their goals are, and watch for when social media - or anything else gets in the way of those goals.

    I haven't seen the whole talk yet but I think these ideas were implied in the video, and I really like them!


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