Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Theme Materials

It used to be that every year each unit would receive a DVD of all the theme videos and materials for that year. With the way things are progressing, they've decided now to only put them online (and available for download). The upside to this, as was mentioned in our training, is that anyone can access them at any time. No one is waiting around for the Bishop's counselor or the YW President to share the DVD with the other leaders. Even the youth can access any of it at any time. Sis Dalton also mentioned that for ward buildings with wireless (does your building have that? Ours only has internet in the clerk's office), teachers can play those videos or any of the other media right during their lessons. (Otherwise, of course, you can download it to play it later in classes.) She also joked that she keeps telling the apostles that every YW leader should be issued an iPad for their calling but so far they just laugh at her. :)

Since I'm still figuring all of this out, I thought some one else out there might like to have the link to all the resources for the 2012 Theme "Arise and Shine Forth." (I've also added the link to our sidebar.) They are on the youth site at:
(To read an article discussing all the materials, see:

Also - any successes you've had in using the theme so far this year? Any plans to use it for youth conference, New Beginnings, etc.? Please feel free to share.

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