Friday, December 16, 2011

NEW For the Strength of Youth booklet

So I just saw today that they've revised the For the Strength of Youth booklet:

Some of the sections have been reworked to address things like ipods - very nice. Plus, when you use the online version, there are extra links, mormonads, articles, and even a place for youth to share thoughts with each other. Nice use of technology, eh?

What do you think of all that is doing to provide the "extras" to those who use their website for basic things like the manuals and For the Strength of Youth. When the books are just handed to you, do you think very many will find these resources without someone telling them? What about your youth? Do you think they will find this online resource? Do you think they will use it?

(Click to see the article at the Church News site on the changes.)

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