Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Beginnings for One

A reader ("Jenn") asks:

I'm in a pretty unique situation.

I am a counselor-less YW president in a very small branch in rural Illinois. I only have 1 young woman (and 2 incoming for 2012).

We are going to hold our NB immediately after our branch potluck, which occurs right after church on Sunday (our geographic boundaries are huge and it's too far to drive to have people come back Sunday night...and we don't have Mutual).

We meet in a rented building and have 1 room that functions as our chapel, cultural hall, and adult classroom. That's where we'll have our program. :)

I'm thinking of using this talk by Elder Nelson as our theme: Daughters of Zion.

I'd love any input from others on how to structure a program for such a small group. Obviously, there will not be any skits or musical numbers (unless my YW wants to do a solo!). Suggestions?? Thanks in advance. :)
How can we help Jenn put together something special for this YW and her family? What are your ideas?


  1. I have to admit, I do love that talk! What an interesting situation to be in. How outgoing is your one YW? If she's up for it, it might be an opportunity for her to show-and-tell her Personal Progress, or perhaps bear her testimony at the end. Since the group will be so small, I'd keep it more informal, I think. How close are the two incoming girls with the current YW?

    (I'm afraid I'm not much help, I hope some with similar experiences chime in soon!)

  2. I was in this same situation a couple of years ago. I had one young woman that was 14 and 3 11 year olds coming in the next year. Depending on how confident your one YW is, you can have her help you with the program. We started out with the one YW holding up colored paper with each YW value and scripture on them. She would state the value and read the scripture and then hang the paper up on the wall behind her. The rest of the program was up to me because I too had no counselors. I did a 5 minute description and introduction of the personal progress program and then I gave a 10-15 minute talk. I then had a slide-show set to music with pictures of the girls and I incorporated the YW Theme. I think that was about 10 minutes. Then you can ask a member of your branch presidency to talk for a few minutes and that's it! I hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I especially like the idea of having the young woman showcase what she's done so far in PP. And the colored paper with value descriptions is a great idea, too. I think it helps youth be more comfortable to have something tangible to hold while they are presenting.

    Thank you! Keep the suggestions coming! :)

  4. You could also show a short church video. We live in Kenya and the church is fairly young. I have only one young woman who has experienced what she calls 'real' YWs - so it is a growth experience for all. We have many YW and leaders with little experience in New Beginnings. We are currently planning for January. A church video of other YW from around the world is very uplifting. They see YW who are spiritual, modestly dressed and happy.


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