Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Flashback - the girl with pizzazz

Two more of the little inspirational gems from Elaine Cannon's 1982 The Girl's Book that I particularly remember cherishing and trying to follow. Her upbeat encouragement fed my new Beehive soul. I thrilled to her call for femininity and optimism (of course, I also read Fascinating Womanhood and Color Me Beautiful. Hey, what can I say? It was the 1980s).

"God created girls as well as boys. Vive la difference!

A girl who is a female female brightens the world a bit, shines up the stars, and ripples joy over the nearest rainbow.

It has to do with heart-caring, soul-searching, gentleness, and pizzazz; with fun-loving, mind-stretching, tenderness, and tears; with benevolence, innocence, charity and calm; with listening, efficiency, character, and warmth. She's the fountain of life and the secret behind success. From the beginning a girl is God's symbol of beauty and an extension of his love.

The Girl's Book is especially for girls who want to be more so. It's a helper, a crutch, a guide, and a ray of hope. It offers perspective, suggestions, and a collection of various thinkables.

The Girl's Book is dedicated to girls and their half of the apple."

and, p. 2 "About Being a Special Kind of Girl"

"There is a special kind of girl
who is where the action is, but
only if the action is the right kind
who centers the happy storm around her, but doesn't stir up one,
who makes a mere event a happening
who isn't content with contentment
who doesn't fight inevitable or ignore opportunities.
This special kind of girl
knows that the way she moves, the way she speaks, the fragrance
about her, and the good things she does
mark the difference between herself and the girl
who doesn't really care enough about being a girl.
This special kind of girl
joins forces with time and fate and rises to every occasion
makes up her own mind after careful, prayerful thought
sets her own image,
is worthwhile and a breath of sweet life,
is tasteful, individual, exciting. She's WOW!
She has pizzazz.
Step right up to happiness.
You can be a special kind of girl."

I re-read that manifesto (for that's what it is) many times as a young teen and it never failed to get me (metaphorically) on my feet cheering "Yes! Yes! Sign me up for that!"

I confess that I look at these pronouncements with more of a critical, or even slightly puzzled, eye now. I'm not even sure what a lot of it is supposed to mean. But as a flashback, it brings me right back to being on the cusp of girl-woman, longing to be in the center of things, wanting to be special, hoping I, too, had pizzazz and potential.

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  1. Does anyone remember Elaine Cannon's book "Be a Bell Ringer"? I only remember her advice on how to attract boys: you should show up at their football practice with baked goods. I didn't finish the book...


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