Tuesday, February 17, 2009

virtue value requirements

... are now posted at lds.org, where you can also print a booklet insert. You can order the insert from Distribution too - a few copies will come to each unit soon. They have now printed revised theme posters, cards, and achievement emblems.

The value's intro: "I will prepare to enter the temple and remain pure and worthy. My thoughts and actions will be based on high moral standards."

There are four value experiences, all required - you don't write your own. All four are scripture-study-and-then-journal-about-it type requirements.

They are:

1) Study the meaning and importance of chastity and virtue by reading Moroni 9:9, Jacob 2:28, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” “Sexual Purity” in For the Strength of Youth, Article of Faith 13 and Proverbs 31:10–31.

2) Study about the Holy Ghost in John 14:26–27; John 15:26; 2 Nephi 32:1–5; D&C 45:57–59; D&C 88:3–4; and D&C 121:45–46.

3) Use the questions in Alma 5 as a personal worthiness checklist in preparing for temple covenants.

4) Determine to partake worthily of the sacrament each week and fill your life with virtuous activities that will bring spiritual power. Study about repentance and the sacrament in Moroni 10:32, the book of Enos, the section on repentance in For the Strength of Youth and the sacrament prayers in D&C 20:77–79.

Thoughts? Comments?

Update after our New Beginnings, a couple of additional tidbits -

The value project is to read the Book of Mormon.

Mothers are being encouraged to earn the virtue award also, but cannot do so before their daughters.


  1. I think these are great requirements if they are fulfilled in the spirit intended. If followed they will provide a great foundation for YW to gain a testimony of their own - rather than relying on parents, friends, husbands, etc.

    I really appreciate that they go beyond the idea that virtue is synonymous with chastity. Rather, chastity is an aspect of virtue.

    I also really like that girls who finish in 2009 have the option of completing with or without the Virtue requirements.

    Perhaps this has always been the case but I noticed in all of this, that mothers can complete the requirements along side their daughters and actually be presented with the certificate and medallion. I think that could be a great motivator for mothers and daughters to work together on this.

  2. The scriptures cited, especially Alma 5 but others too, are tailor-made to help any girl who may have had chastity problems in the past. Insofar as this virtue is aimed at sexual purity -- and we've discussed ad infinitum that it doesn't begin and end there, but to whatever extent it does target chastity -- this is not a "one slip and you're lost forever" program. Every girl can "return to virtue" and prepare for temple covenants and blessings.

  3. I feel there are too many "read the scriptures etc. and then journal." What about the girls (most of them) who are not verbal/linguistic types? I wish there were more options, not just for virtue but for all the values.

  4. I think Molly has a good point--it would be nice to have some other kinds of choices, or at least some latitude to do your own project.


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