Saturday, August 9, 2008

How are we driving?

My ward is so far behind Jeans' lessons that I have to go digging around way back in the archives whenever it's time for me to plan. In my ward, the YW presidency takes turns teaching on the first Sunday of every month on a topic specific to the needs of our girls. Plus we have the usual conferences, and lately we've had a bunch of joint 3rd hours as we here in California deal with all the gay marriage fall out.

Are you guys in the same boat as me? Or are you all on the same schedule Jeans is on? Do we need to adjust anything for all the flexible Sundays summertime creates? Or are you ahead of us and always find yourself reading Jean's commentary wishing you had it earlier?

What about you international sisters? Is there anything that we're missing that you guys need?

Let us know if you need us to hurry things up or not. We'd also love to hear what else would be helpful. Please think of the comments as a suggestion box and stuff it full.

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  1. Hi there! Long time lurker, here :) Our Oklahoma City ward is right on schedule, but we've skipped a bunch of lessons for the reasons you've outlined above. Although on our end, we had a bunch of combined lessons to prepare for a youth conference trip to Nauvoo. I sure don't envy you on that whole gay marriage thing, but now that you mention it, we might want to have a lesson on that. I have no idea how aware of that my girls are. Is that bad?


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